Hottest July In History? Not Here In Denmark…


According to the American space agency NASA this July has been the hottest month ever in to be recorded since 1880. This is a clear and worrying sign of the global warming happening. This year’s El Niño has been blamed for a part in the rising temperatures. The hotter climate is sadly a trend that looks to stay for a while: Weather records have been beaten month after month for the last few years. No matter how many times Donald Trump claims that global warming is a hoax created by democrats, the climate is giving us every clear indication of the opposite. In fact the climate is changing more rapidly than we could ever imagine.

But here in Denmark the story is a very different one. Here July has actually been one of the coldest, most wet and least sunny Julys we have had the last ten years. Sadly the summer weather here has been far below par. Weeks on end with rain has resulted in cold water temperatures. So no swimming on the beach for me! With temperatures that could barely hit 20° C for the last two weeks I have feared that we wouldn’t get any more real summer days.

But today we had a very rare sunny day with temperatures rising to 23° celcius. This resulted in a beach day for many people after work. I myself went to the beach. The calm waters and the mellow breeze were perfect. It gave a real sense of summer, that we haven’t seen in weeks here in Denmark. And from the looks of it, this is one of many nice days to come!

– Have a really nice summer!

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