Clothing Essentials: 6 Things You Need To Have In Your Wardrobe

Most guys will know the struggle. I don’t have an unlimited money supply but I want a nice wardrobe. What do I need to fulfil it? Well, you don’t need to look any further. Here are the top 6 essential things you need to create your basic but cool looking outfits and to look sharp as a knife in special occasions. Now would I suggest that you only possess these things? If you like the minimalist lifestyle, then this is probably a good way to simplify things. Though you should be aware that you will have to repeat the same few outfits day after day. But I will make a follow up post on the top things you can buy to spice up your wardrobe.

Ready? Okay, let’s jump into it.

1. A good quality pair of jeans:

IMG_0012If you have to prioritise one thing from this list that you will spend your money one, it must be a pair of well fitted jeans. Whether you prefer slim fit or straight fit is totally up to you but make sure you don’t compromise here.
If you can save $10 on the next best thing compared to the perfect pair, know that you won’t regret spending those extra hard earned money on the right pair. If you take good care for nice quality jeans, they can last you five, ten or maybe more years.
One thing I have experienced though is that more money doesn’t equal better jeans. My favourite pair of denims cost half of my other pair. It has a better fit for me and a more suitable colour for my wardrobe.

2. a Nicely fitting dress shirt:

IMG_0011No matter how good the rest of your outfit is a poorly fitting dress shirt can ruin it for you. A flappy dress shirt can easily make your looks turn sloppy and even worse: it is uncomfortable. Sadly many men wear dress shirts that are one or two sizes too big, so make sure to always try a size smaller when you visit the clothes store.
I am aware that this is impossible when you visit a thrift store. In that case you need to consider whether the shirt is fitting sufficiently over the shoulders and the chest. These two things can’t be altered. But luckily you can pretty much get everything from sleeve length, shirt length and torso width altered. Though bear in mind that if the shirt is too short, you should leave it hanging in the store. You can’t increase the length, only shorten it. I will make a post about how much a shirt can be altered soon, so stick around.
Dress shirts come in a lot of different colours and preferably you should pick a white or pale blue one as these match most colours and styles.
Quick tip: If your white dress shirt is a bit transparent, put on a black or dark grey basic shirt underneath. A white t-shirt will be too bright compared to your skin colour. If you choose a darker one you won’t be able to see the ends of the short sleeves beneath.

3. Basic crew neck t-shirts:

IMG_0010This is probably the cheapest of the bunch. But this doesn’t mean it is the easiest to perfect. The good thing is that when you find the perfectly fitting basic crew neck tee, you can more often that not choose freely between the colours. I would recommend to at least have a few white and black shirts. Dark grey will suit some people and I myself like them. Do remember that grey t-shirts do reveal sweat easier than black and white colours.
Some mens have discovered how amazing these are, but if you are wondering: Why are these basic tees essential? Because they go with everything you have in your wardrobe, that’s why. If you don’t have a white t-shirt I can guarantee you that you will put it on more often than not with, because it always fits in.
And since you are going to wear this shirt a lot, makes sure you get one that is cut from high quality cotton. This increases comfort and reduces the wear your washing machine will do to it.

4. Sweater or jumper:

IMG_0009Don’t get me wrong, you can survive without this one. But I wouldn’t like to live without one. A navy blue coloured jumper will do wonders with almost every pair of jeans you can throw at it. Even suit pants would do! When the summer nights get chilly you can put this on and still bring your A-game. This will work just as well when the autumn cold arrives and you can even use it as a layer when the winter strikes. Long live the jumper!

5. A tailored suit:

IMG_0016What I mean by tailored is that the suit fits you really good. As good as if a tailor had just laid his or her hands on it. It doesn’t have to be all black, nor does it require any specific design. The most important part is that is fits you, so you can shine through the crowd at special occasions. Who knows it might just be your winning edge at a job interview. And come on! Who doesn’t dream about looking super sharp in a suit?

6. A pair of sneakers and a pair of dress shoes to go with that nice suit of yours:

IMG_0008I will not get that much into the sneakers here. Nearly everyone has a pair, so I suppose I could have put underwear here as well if I wanted to. But what is important to mention is the dress shoes. Now these can (probably will) cost you a little more that most things on this list. But you can’t finish of a nicely fitting dress shirt and a tailored suit with a pair of grey worn out Vans. Get a colour that matches the suit and fits you. Now go out and have a blast because you look sharp!

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