How To Choose Your Outfits, The Easy Way!

We all know the feeling. The alarm goes off.. You can barely get yourself out of bed before the unfathomable journey to the bathroom. The morning chores has to be done, you are in a hurry and suddenly you have to decide what to wear.
What do you do? How do you get around picking a nice outfit that isn’t the same as yesterday and similar to one the day before?
Here are some tips to make your outfit selection super easy!

Plan the outfit the night before:

This isn’t exactly what it sounds like. You don’t need to pick out your clothes a day before and fold it in a little stack beside your bed. What you should do instead is just to think about which shirt you want to wear or which pair of jeans. Then you can make a mental note of it and when you wake up you have a great starting point for picking out the perfect outfit for the day.

What are you going to wear the outfit for:

walkingYour outfit will change depending on what you are going to do and you have to think about what is appropriate for the given moment. Are you going to school, you can allow yourself to go casual. You should probably leave your best tailored suit at home. Maybe you are going to a party, maybe a date. You have to take these things into considerations before choosing clothes.

How is the weather like:

This is obvious, but I see so many people with big ass jackets on when the sun is out and everyone else has their best summer t-shirt on. The same way around many people go horribly wrong with their outfit on rainy days. Make sure what you wear is suitable for the climate.

What do you feel like:

How are you feeling today? On top of yourself, ready to take over the world? Or maybe a bit more casual and relaxed? You need to consider your mood. It is obvious when people don’t have an outfit that matches their attitude and mood that given day.

Have your closet organised:

9eUJEjsvSort your clothes in categories. You can pick and choose really fast when you know where to find your clothes.

Use time to try outfits and new combinations:

When you have a few hours free, spend some time pairing a few outfits and trying out new combinations.

And try to make it minimalist. The simpler the outfit, the easier it is to choose. Further more it is way more elegant and sleek. If your outfit is minimalist you will avoid seeming like a try hard. People will know you have control over your style!

Now you know how to dress, if you want to know what should be in your closet check out the top 6 essentials by clicking here.

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