Room Decor: Three Minimalist Ways To Style Your Room With Retro Vinyl Records

Whether you are moving into a new flat, are looking for inspiration or just really need to change the look of your current room: here are three really cool ways to use old vinyl records to decorate your room!

Personally I really love vinyl records. They look sleek, stylish and the ridges give off a really cool reflection when light hits it. I try to use this when I decorate with them and the first arrangement will give a nice break in an otherwise plain wall.

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Vintage Clothes Shopping: A Fresh Outfit That Blends Casual and Stylish

Summer is over us! I have been looking for a pair of cut trousers for some time, yet I wasn’t really ready to splash the money for a pair. Mainly because I feared that I wasn’t going to use them. So I decided to take a different approach. An approach I would suggest you all to take since it’s both cheaper and way more environmental friendly than the usual clothes store shopping. 
I went to a big thrift store downtown to see if I could find a par of pants that fit my waist. The fit around the waist is important, because adjusting this will take skill and time. The length and fit around the thighs and calves are irrelevant, because this can easily be adjusted at home with a sewing machine. I will make a DIY-tutorial on how to fit the pants to your liking in a future post. Now for the upper body I suggest looking for polo shirts. Here in Denmark it is the second most common thing to find in second hand shops after the classic old and oversized dress shirts. Polo shirts are often tailored for a better fit than the dress shirts. And you have a way bigger chance of finding a suitable fit for you because of that.
I bought two pairs of pants for the grand total of $10 and I have tailored the one pair to fit like smart cut trousers that finish just above the ankles with a tapered slim fit. Furthermore I went to another thrift store. I couldn’t believe my luck when I found two polo shirts from Lyle and Scott, one of my favorit brands. One was bright blue and the other a vibrant yellow. And yes, they were a perfect fit! If I told you how much I paid for the two you would say I lied, but I will say that $5 was more than enough to pay for both shirts. I quickly found a connection between my new Morgan’s suit pants and this new yellow polo shirt.
The outfit mixes the bright colours of the summer with the more stylish and cleaner looking black pants. It looks great and more importantly: you will never overdress with this outfit. It is a safe choice like the classic “black jeans, white tee, white sneakers” but not as boring and bland as the classic look. But remember that the outfit means nothing if you don’t wear it with confidence. Smile to world!

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