Wheel Thru Life – New Blog About Lifestyle And Projects

After many weeks of tinkering with the idea of a blog I have finally decided to try it out. I am a 20 year old guy, I live in Denmark, and I’m about to start my degree in engineering. Hence I thought to myself: this is either the best or the worst time to start a new project, considering the homework, studying and commuting that will fill up my recent freetime. But what I will do is to try and make some updates on my new beginnings. Some about my degree and some about my other interests.

The idea behind this blog is to share my style and my projects with you – the readers – to give an idea of my life. Maybe I’ll even inspire some of you to do things you either thought about doing or had never considered. I love to make DIY projects, especially smaller ones that don’t require big skills nor a ton of time and more often than not I am super happy with how they turn out. I love style in clothing and room decor as well because they open endless possibilities and combinations to make something cool.

At last a thank you to everyone who will give this blog a try. I will do my best to make it appealing and interesting. Though it doesn’t look like much yet.

– Nice day to everyone!